Friday, August 10, 2012

Self-Esteem. The transformation

Do you have a  high self esteem? Interesting question, right? I wonder how many of us can really answer this question confidently.....

Self Esteem is very very important. It has a huge effect in our life and in every decisions we make. However, many of us are having self esteem issues, no matter whether they are children, students, general workers, lecturers, executives, or even managers. To those having self esteem issues, it is time for the transformation....................

We all have room for development and improvement. Improving one's self is a continuous learning process. Learning carries on throughout our life unless the body and mind becomes unwilling. The process of enhancement is a learning course of action. Knowledge as well as skills can be improved. It is because when we become approachable of our prospective, we try to develop it all the more. We make essential changes to improve our behavior to achieve our full potential. All of our strengths lie within us, which we can use to make the essential modification.

If there is a desire to improve one's self, it is important to develop and build the self-esteem first. Self-esteem is the most important factor in learning how to be free of personal limitations and imperfections. What we wish to achieve, what we desire to be, has been molded in our minds starting from early childhood. Somewhere in our childhood, the desire, or wish seems to slowly evaporate or blur and is set aside.

There are many reasons why this happens. Studies have proven that it has something to do with childhood experiences, more particularly on our early relationships with the immediate family, in the confines of our very home. When we were a child, we would often hear negative remarks from our parents. Phrases like "You always misbehave!" or "Your classmate is better than you." These may be simple words that come out from parents' mouth, but as life goes own, this eventually results to complicated situations. Little by little, the unconstructive words we hear are the same words that we think we really are. It lowers our self-esteem.

However, the opposite thing happens when we accomplish or when we're close to achieving something: it boosts our self-confidence with a resultant of high self-esteem. Good organization and competency in everything we need to increase our self-esteem. Self-esteem, good organization, and self-confidence are unswervingly related to each other. When you start to develop one trait, other traits will follow in pursuit begging for your attention.

When one feels a lack of self-confidence it open rooms for doubt, thus one starts to entertain unconstructive or pessimistic thoughts. We become discontented and lonely. When we are at this lowest point in our life, with the corresponding low self-esteem, it becomes the right time to realize that contentment and self-confidence are far more important than not looking forward to any future.

We can never thoroughly do away with fear. On the other hand, when we start little steps to get rid of it, we also start building hand in hand self-confidence and self-esteem. With this combination, development of our personality will never be far behind. Fighting against what makes us afraid is very important. If we cannot fight our fear, then facing them will be equally better. We must get through our problems, since it is the main point of living.

Analyzing negative thoughts will also help you get through self-development. Try to know where the negative thoughts come from. Then counter it with positive thinking. It is helpful to have an intelligible or understandable and logical thinking.

Self-discipline is also of great magnitude in personal development. One should build and balance their motivation to keep them in the mood for personal transformation. We have scores of ways to work through the processes. You can go online today to find additional support. On the Internet, you will find a wide spectrum of new age articles. These articles are geared to inspire you to practice meditation, biofeedback, yoga, Neurofeedback, Radionics, physical exercise, continuous learning and more. With all these in hand, it is now up to you to take action and enhance your self-esteem.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Arsenal vs Malaysia

Ok.. my last post was about overcoming frustration... Guess what I did to release tension..........

I went to watch football match at Bukit Jalil Stadium... Arsenal vs Malaysia .. it was during Ramadhan (guys, that's not a good example)

Anyway, it was a great experience as I have not watched football at the stadium for quite sometime..
Free ticket of course- I rather spend RM338 on shopping  ;)
Sitting behind the Malaysian bench..

I was quite surprised to see the amount of support for our Malaysian team today. Years ago, there were not much support for them especially when they play against international teams... but today, the cheers and applause were so loud especially when Malaysia scored a goal just before the end of first half. Although I was quite disappointed that they lost 2-1 to Arsenal, (after Rajagobal substituted most of the key players..), I did have a great time at the stadium. What ever the result is, I still support my home team ;)

Me.. yes, I seem to have gained weight...

Those crazy supporters... trying their best to take pictures of the players coz Arsenal players are lining up to take  their medals......

Me again... and those people who forgot that we are supposed to seat on the chairs, not stand..

Ok.. I think that's all for today. See ya!

Overcoming Frustration in Your Life

I haven't been writing for quite sometime, and today... I'm writing about frustration. Ha, why frustration?Something happened and it forced me to write....  (after some googling for tips.. of course..).

Nobody likes to be frustrated. You must have felt feel like crap when it happens, right? You feel hopeless and you ask yourself, "Why is this happening to me?" 


Make friends with Frustration
Seriously? Make friends with frustration? How on earth are we going to do that?

The best part about it is that you can get over frustration. Frustration is actually a key component in your self improvement. Take it like an armistice. As any other psychological response, frustration harnesses a lot of energy. And you can use that energy. Actually, it’s such a pity to let it slide away.

Step 1: Recognize the Problem

Accept it. Yes, you are frustrated. It’s already occurred, and you don't have a time machine. You are here and you’re frustrated. You are not sad, angry or indifferent. You are frustrated. Write it down and look at yourself in the mirror and say,“I’m looking at me and I’m frustrated". Then, next step is open up by telling a close friend of yours about your frustration. 

Acknowledging the issue will make you feel better. The burden of keeping the frustration inside you has been released. The negative energy is out and this may stop you from doing silly things. You tend to do silly things when you are frustrated, right?

Step 2: Change the situation - Action Plan

Now that you know you’re frustrated, act on the situation. Change the environment. Make it positive. Now think about the actions need to be taken. What is your plan A, B or C? Get a trusted person to sit down with you to plan your actions. Do you need to apologise to anyone? Write a report to the authority? Think it over and act! No more dwelling into that frustration. Move on! Some sort of sorrow coming your way? Take a deep breath and.. push it away! You are a better person now as you have acknowledged your frustration and planned your actions. Taking action is your goal now. You are reaching the next level of life already. 

Step 3: Appreciate your New Level

After you began to take action, the atmosphere around you will look better. You have moved on. Don't dwell into it again! And, above all, enjoy it. Appreciate yourself for being able to overcome frustration. You have moved to the next level of life and let bygones be bygones. 

Frustration is actually like an elevator in your life. Control it wisely. You want to be a better person, right? Frustration has brought you to a new level faster and be happy about it. Dwelling into the past is like pressing the down button and going to the lower ground when you are supposed to go up, let say, level 12. 

Moral of the story is, if you are frustrated, it is not the end of the world. You, yes, you have the key to the solution box. Open it and use it to the max.You will become a better person and you gonna be proud of yourself. :)

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