Friday, March 13, 2015

A Compilation of Scholarships Available for Malaysian (various level of education)

Hi Guys

I notice a lot of people are anxious and worried, as MARA has yet to open the application for this year. So, today, I would like to share a list of scholarships available for Malaysians, besides MARA & Yayasan Daya Diri.

Click the link below:

A compilation of scholarships available for Msians (for various level of education)

This is how the list looks like - great, isn't it?

I 'solute' the person who prepares this list.  Senang nk tgk & compare, kan? But keep yourself updated as well... mana tau ada apa2 perubahan, penambahan etc.... If I am not mistaken, ada lagi some other scholarships offered by overseas and local institutions, universities etc... Kalau dpt list yg cantik I'll shared it here...

Selain tu, u guys can also subscribe to Malaysia Scholarship/Study Loan , Scholarship Times & International Scholarships

Oh, update terbaru, ada lagi, Scholarships in United Kingdom  and OSWD Scholarship and also Australian Endeavour Scholarship -Postgrad, Fellowships, Vocational Training and PhD

Sgt berbaloi kalau u guys subscribe, as each websites will update u about the scholarships available. Kalau ada masa, pegi jugak educational fair yang ada, kot2 ada lagi info baru...

Teruskan usaha..... Good Luck ;)

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